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The Best Exercises To Help You Recover Faster After An Injury

Exercising has numerous health benefits ranging from a stronger immune system, better sleep and prevention of certain diseases. When we work out, our bodies release endorphins, a mood-triggering hormone. Regular exercise reduces stress, increases energy, and improves cognitive function. It also helps prevent chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke. A good workout also strengthens muscles and joints, making them more flexible and strong. If you're injured, it helps increase blood circulation to the injured part, which facilitates the healing process. Before you embark on any workout, it's important to consult your doctor for safety concerns. This discussion explores the best exercises to help you recover faster after an injury.

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A New Study Points to a Surprisingly Simple Way to Ward Off Knee Pain

A promising new study suggests that walking could ward off knee pain for people with osteoarthritis. Researchers surveyed over 1,000 people ages 50 or older with knee osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis in the United States. Some had persistent pain at the outset, while others did not. After four years, those who started off without frequent knee pain and walked for exercise at least 10 times were less likely to experience new, regular bouts of stiffness or aches around their knees and had less structural damage in their knees. The study suggested that people with knee osteoarthritis who are bowlegged might particularly benefit from walking.

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What to Do If You Hurt Your Back During a Workout

Injuries are never something to ignore. Learn how to tell the difference between a minor tweak and something that deserves expert attention asap. Every athlete, novice or otherwise, knows what it’s like to deal with injury from exercise. While you can — and should — make adjustments and take every precaution to avoid these situations, sometimes the inevitable happens. Whether you literally drop a weight plate on your toe or strain a hamstring during a run, the catalysts for these injuries and the severity can vary widely.

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John Glenn Class of 2005 Alumnus Dr. Justen Elbayar Visits Alma Mater

Dr. Justen Elbayar, a graduate of Elwood-John H. Glenn High School’s Class of 2005, recently visited his alma mater to speak to students about orthopedic surgery and how to become a physician.

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Depressed in midlife? Try skateboarding, study suggests

These days, those who came of age during the heyday of skateboarding might finally be living out their childhood dreams, suggested Dr. Justen Elbayar, an orthopedic surgeon in sports medicine at NYU Langone, who has treated patients suffering from skateboard injuries recently.

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